Surviving 100 days without money (London to New Zealand)

Help Danakin bring clean water to underserved communities

The Challenge

Survive 100 days from London to New Zealand through the kindness of strangers.


1. All food, shelter, transportation and activities must come from the kindness of strangers

2. I only have 100 days to get from London to New Zealand

3. Have fun everyday

4. Reassure mom and dad; take at least a picture a day with the "MOM DAD I'M OK" poster

Purpose Of The Series

When I first landed in India, I was met with a feeling of doubt. What started as a will to discover this mysterious place turned into a learning experience of sort. From the sand dunes to the beaches and snowcaps, India isn't as scary as I thought. Of course there are bad people out there, but the truth is, most of the world is full of kindness.

Throughout the journey of discovery, there are also moments I witnessed the poor living conditions many go through day to day. With that in mind, I wondered how I could help make the world a better place. Something that would make a continuous impact.

Water is the foundation of human survival, it not only provides food, it also provides education, shelter, and much more.

With social media at my finger tips, I decided to start a series where I would go from London to New Zealand with $0, show casing the kindness of strangers. And once the idea gains traction online, use the money made through monetization to donate to water well charities for as long as the videos stay monetized.

Why water wells? *see

Personal Purpose: Seeking discomfort, trying new things, going on daring adventures to bring myself outside of my comfort zone, and make the world a better place in the process.

What if you left all your trust in the hands of strangers, where will it take you, what adventures will you have?


For every 1,000 subscribers gained, I will donate 1% of lifetime earnings of the "London To New Zealand" series to build water wells.

1,000 subscribers = 1% of lifetime earnings
50,000 subscribers = 50% of lifetime earnings
100,000 subscribers = 100% of lifetime earnings
*as long as the videos get watched, the impact will remain forever.

Milestones (if achieved during the series)

At 100,000 subs:
THE BIRTHDAY SUIT - I will donate all my clothes and start in my birthdaysuit

At 500,000 subs:
TATTOO - I will get a tattoo of your choice

If it scares you, do it anyways.

An adventure by Danakin Seah.

Let's create something fun: [email protected]

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube: @momdadimok

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